How You Can Help

If you can devote some of your time to assist our team or our programs, please see our Join Us page.

If you would like to make a financial contribution please look at the options below.


Being a member of an FTC Teams does place a financial responsibility upon the team members. A new, or rookie, team may require up to $3000 to register and equip a team. Much of the equipment is reusable from year to year so the cost in subsequent years is typically much less. A winning team will incur additional travel expenses as it advances from State, Regional, or if they are very successful, to the World Championship held in April at Detroit, MI.

In-kind donations of computers, tools, parts, office supplies, and even refreshments for meetings and activities all help the team and reduce the financial burden. A wishlist of items which would be helpful to the team will be posted on this page once a team if formed and registered.


We have not yet recruited and registered an FTC Team, nor have we formed the 501(c)(3) corporation which would faciliate contributions. Therefore is it pre-mature to ask for any donations. Please return here soon to check our progress.


Many teams are fortunate to have organizational or corporate sponsors. This includes organizations such a as 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as individual schools or school districts. smithSpace is being organized to assist, but business and corporate sponsors will also need to be recruited. If smithSpace can obtain a non-profit status, many companies can be soliticited for contributions or may match contributions made by their emploees. We will keep everyone informed of our progress toward this important goal.